Chacewater Recreation Centre

South West Community Builds have been appointed as the Project Management team to lead a the new Recreation Centre at Chacewater. The site has planning permission to form a new football changing room facility but the Parish Council feels that it is now the right time to develop a build with a range of sports, hobbies and crafts within the community. A large focus of the design will be to draw people from all walks of life and to enhance their lives through recreation. Whether it be sport, crafts or the arts.

The project is linking with Chacewater Primary School which is situated next door to The Recreation Ground and investigating using the new Recreation Centre not only during in normal school hours but to use it to run the breakfast and after school clubs. The design of the build will compliment the successful Chacewater Village Hall and Chacewater Bowling Club, to make sure that the village have a wide choice of facilities for a greater range of activities.

The first public consultations have taken place on Wednesday 20th June at Chacewater Village Hall and Friday 22nd June at the Chacewater School Fete on the Recreation Ground. This has seen much support for the project and SWCBs are building up a usage list for the new facility. This is going to develop into a new exciting opportunity for the village and surrounding area.

To contact us about this project contact us via the contact us page.